Friday, December 8, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 64: Museum of Flight

Postcard sent to self, Sent 28 October 2017
Traveled 12,970 km

The Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA was probably one of the most awe-inspiring museums I've seen so far. On this postcard is shown the T.A. Wilson Great Gallery. The aircrafts that are shown here trace the history of the first century of flight. There are 20 full-size aircrafts in this gallery alone. The museum consists of three galleries and has more than 150 aircrafts on display. 

Postcard sent to self, Sent 28 October 2017
Traveled 12,970 km

This aircraft is suspended from the ceiling in the reception area of the museum. This is a Boeing B & W Model 1 seaplane. This is a replica of the first aircraft built by William E. Boeing and Conrad Westervelt in 1916.

Happy weekend everyone,

Friday, December 1, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 63: Singapore Merlion & Supertrees

I have a colleague from our HQ in the US who will visit Singapore next week. He's coming for one big project I've been working on and hoping to finish before the year ends. Since he will be traveling literally from the other side of the world to help me and that it will be his first time in Singapore, I'm planning to make sure I can tour him even for a little bit while he's here.

The Merlion Park is always a good place to start a quick tour. Merlion is a half fish, half lion mythical creature used as the iconic symbol of Singapore.

From the Merlion Park, as it gets darker, we can walk towards the left and aim for the Helix Bridge. This bridge was intentionally build to take a left-handed DNA-like design.

There's a series of different colors illuminating the bridge. In this postcard, which was taken from a wider angle, the yellow has turned into blue lights. The lotus-shaped ArtScience Museum is also visible to the right of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

If the night is still young, I will bring him to see the Supertrees. It is at the back of Marina Bay Sands Hotel, where there's a free outdoor Music and Light Show called Garden Rhapsody. I've previously featured more postcards for the Supertrees at the Gardens by the Bay, here.

Walking in a counter-clockwise direction, if we're lucky, we might also catch the Spectra, another free outdoor Light and Water Show in front of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

I hope this sounds like a good sightseeing plan!

Happy weekend everyone,

Friday, November 24, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 62: Books/reading/authors

DE-5984055, Sent from Saarbruecken, Germany
Sent 14 Feb 2017, Traveled 10.396 km in 7 days

This painting is called Der Philosoph (Der Leser im Park) by Carl Spitzweg. In English, The Philosopher (The Reader in the Park). I really like this postcard with the excellent lighting focused on the subject of the painting.

DE-5935734, Sent from Germany
Sent 29 Jan 2017, Traveled 10,423 km 5 days

Another painting for this weekend's theme. This painting is called Portrait of Maria Adelaide of France in Turkish Costume by Jean-Etienne. The lighting on this postcard is also very nice, coming from behind her.

I'm keeping this post short for now and I'm off to bury myself in the pages of my novel, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

Happy weekend,

Friday, November 17, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 61: Food & beverage

I have just returned from an overnight team building trip to Melaka, Malaysia. We were joking among ourselves that it was not a team building trip but a food marathon instead. Melaka is a foodie haven! I wish I found a postcard for a souvenir but I didn't! Too bad as I realized that it would have been nice to share a postcard with Melaka delicacies for this weekend's theme of food & beverage

Now, onto the main topic, postcards:

Postcard sent to self, sent from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Sent 26 June 2016, Traveled 2,678 km

One of the best things about Vietnam is food. My partner and I went to a cooking class where I learned how to properly wrap a fresh spring roll without creating tears through the rice paper. 

Postcard sent to self, Sent from Beaufortain, France
Traveled ~ 10,600 km

This slice of cheese is from my first trip to France this summer. I was taught to eat more varieties of cheese. For this Beaufort cheese, the affinage variety was said to be the best. That variety also costs twice as much compared to the rest. Thankfully, its strong taste didn't agree with my palate. I don't have to break my wallet whenever I have the craving!

Postcard kept as a souvenir

For a Christmas treat last year, my boss invited us for a high tea at the Fullerton Hotel here in Singapore. It was a very expensive experience that I most probably won't pay for by myself. As a souvenir, I took this postcard from the hotel shop. It features local Singapore dishes, that are served in the hotel. These dishes are a combination of Malay and Chinese dishes.

I hope I have your tummy full by the end of this post.

Happy weekend, 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Postcards for the weekend 60: Reflections

CZ-1246132, Sent from Prague
Sent 10 Sep 2017, Traveled 9,856 km in 30 days

On this postcard, we have the Czech Republic's Konopiste Castle, reflected on the lake. I'm pretty sure this photo was taken during the autumn season, judging by the warm colors of the trees by the lake. 

CZ-1135433, Sent from Dobrnice Village
Sent 27 Feb 2017, Traveled 9,795 km in 17 days

Our second postcard is also from the same country as the first postcard. I love how the clouds are reflected on the water in the lower image. In 1995, this area of Cesky Raj was declared as the first ever nature reserve in the Czech Republic. 

AU-304867, Sent from Melbourne
Sent 2 Sep 2013, Traveled 6,325 km in 13 days

From the opposite side of Europe, we have this last postcard for this weekend's theme of reflections from Australia. Here we have the different buildings and bright lights reflected by the water. Melbourne is the state capital of Victoria, Australia.

Happy weekend everyone,
~ maria